Satin and Vintage: Yuliya Suleymanova

Photo by Lauren Max

Her style is about strength of spirit.

WHO Yuliya Suleymanova, the 39-year-old entrepreneur, producer and instructor at Art Institute of Seattle’s Fashion Marketing & Management School. Born and raised in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, Suleymanova arrived in Seattle 13 years ago by way of Portland, where she earned an advanced degree in business. Her Seattle-based startup projects SULÉY ERA and ONOCART offer multimedia platforms and social networks to bring together people in the worlds of fashion, art, music, film, culture and business.
THE LOOK “My style is classic, influenced heavily by menswear. My trademark is a suit, white shirt with a black satin bow and vintage brooch. I also love all-denim: jeans, denim shirt and jacket. Some staples are always in the closet, like a black turtleneck sweater, black pencil skirt, white shirt. I love styling my head with a silk scarf. A combination between a men’s-inspired look and denim is what I wear either to work or on the town.”
ICONS “To me style is about personality. Marina Abramovic, the Serbian performance artist, has a defined vision which is a reflection of what she wears—mostly black and dark-color basics. Also, my dear friend Caitin Stickels, a model, actress and singer. She lives with a rare genetic disorder, and the strength of her spirit inspires me.”
UP NEXT In addition to a collaboration with Stickels called CaitStickels x Suley (on Instagram @CaitStickels_Suley), Suleymanova will kick off a Club SULÉY membership program to offer exclusive experiences to creatives and entrepreneurs. Also keep an eye out for Suleymanova’s upcoming SULÉY BRAND TALK on May 11 at TONI&GUY Academy, where she tackles the art of personal branding.