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SassyBlack with Goodsteph, ecological tiki, a live radio variety show, Northwest Psych Fest and more


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Monday, Aug. 28


This performance that becomes a podcast is the best kind of old-timey-yet-modern feeling theatrical radio variety show, and this iteration features musical guest Pratidhwani, guest writer/performer/poet Daemond Arrindell, and short plays (by Scot Augustson, Elizabeth Heffron, Brandon Simmons and more) performed live, with music and sound effects added in real time. —Gemma Wilson
ACT Theatre

Tuesday, Aug. 29

Trash Tiki

My love for Navy Strength, Seattle’s newest and greatest tiki bar, grows deeper as they host Trash Tiki, a UK-based movement of activist-bartenders intent on eliminating waste in the hospitality industry. For three hours this evening the founding couple will be behind the bar, using fruit rinds, husks and stems as ingredients in various syrups, bitters and infusions—and you can bet there will be no plastic straw in your cocktail. —Jonathan Zwickel
Navy Strength

Wednesday, Aug. 30

An Oral History of the New Orleans Ninth Ward

Caroline Gerdes reads from her new book on one of New Orleans’ most culturally and historically fascinating districts. An Oral History features interviews with generations of residents on the complex racial dynamics of the historically primarily Black district, its art, music and food, and the endurance of its community through both figurative and literal storms. —Sarah Galvin
Elliott Bay Book Company

Thursday, Aug. 31

SassyBlack, Goodsteph

Here’s a fanfreakintastic lineup of modern soul music, headlined by SassyBlack in celebration of New Black Swing, her new album that sounds just as smooth and groovy as its title suggests. Also on the bill is Goodsteph, aka Stephon Dorsey, the young Detroit transplant whose uplifting, dance-friendly set was a highlight of Upstream. —Jonathan Zwickel

Thursday, Aug. 31

Mikey and Matty, Danforth Hill, Charlie Finn

Mike and Matt Gervais were two-fifths of Seattle pure-pop band Curtains for You, and their lovely solo work sounds like a more intimate variation of that outfit’s sparkling weld of Harry Nilsson and Beatles songcraft. Live, they bring the kind of intertwining harmonies that only singing siblings can generate. —Tony Kay
Conor Byrne

Friday, Sept. 1 – Sunday, Sept. 3


Check out our day-by-day picks from the annual Labor Day weekend local-global indie-corporate megafest.
Seattle Center

Friday, Sept. 1

The Seattle Super Secret Standup Show

The city’s only late-late-night standup showcase continues to rock the midnight hour at the Atlas Theatre in Fremont, a hidden gem of a venue. This month’s edition falls during Bumbershoot so expect some unannounced famous special guests along with a rock-solid local lineup. —Brett Hamil
Atlas Theatre

Friday, Sept. 1 – Sunday, Sept. 3

Northwest Psych Fest

Psych rock is different things to different people, and this three-day fest, featuring the PNW’s premier sonic explorers, brings that notion home. There’s a reunion (Seattle psych-goths Sky Cries Mary), jazz-prog (Afrocop), avant-noise (Diminished Men), electric-Kool-Aid-marinated Camaro rock (Kinski) and more. Tune in, turn on, etc. —Tony Kay
Sunset Tavern