Trin Miller

WHO Trin Miller, the film, television and commercial actor born and raised in Seattle. Among her many projects, Miller recently starred in the comedy-drama Captain Fantastic, directed by Matt Ross, and is currently working with Saw II-IV director Darren Lynn Bousman on an immersive, interactive stage show called The Tension Experience, based out of Los Angeles.

THE LOOK “The sartorial equivalent of going to a soda fountain at Taco Bell and mixing Coke, Sprite & Mr. Pibb—a little bit of everything. I love bright colors and mixing patterns. I made a deal with myself to stop buying clothes because they were ‘good work clothes.’ Now I only buy something if I love it and it already fits when I try it on. I enjoy being inventive when I’m really trying to dress up—a friend asked me how I came up with one of my recent outfits and my response was, Well, I started with the tablecloth… Everyday wear tends to be a colorful dress and some funky sneakers.”

ICONS “Michelle Obama: so incredibly elegant without being staid or boring. I will forever praise her for making it okay not to wear pantyhose. Iris Apfel: total baller. A master of combining high and low fashion and wearing whatever she wants. Tilda Swinton: ultimate style chameleon. Friends: I have some amazing female friends with great style but also a really encouraging attitude of Have fun, wear whatever you want.

UP NEXT Miller stars in the forthcoming sci-fi film Depth (in theaters in 2017), helmed by Seattle director Don Thacker and filmed in an abandoned nuclear facility in Satsop, Wash. She’s also involved in Chaldea, a combination of live-action film and comic book storytelling headed by Seattle’s own Wizards of the Coast founder Peter Adkison.