San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam

Brent Watanabe’s “San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam” uses a modified version of Grand Theft Auto V to create and follow a free-ranging deer through the fictional state of San Andreas. 
The deer meanders through the landscape, interacting with the existing GTA V artificial intelligence.

“The deer character is a misfit in San Andreas,” says Watanabe, “wandering about in a man-made world that was designed for criminals to complete missions and heists. The deer cam follows this hapless creature through hostile environments for the entertainment of an online audience. It’s a slapstick but 
tragic situation.”

Since the project launched in late March, the live stream has attracted more than 700,000 viewers. This month the deer cam is one of more than 100 artworks on view at Out of Sight, Aug. 4–28 at King Street Station. Check out the live site at