Editor's Note

Real American Spirit

I got a chance to take in the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibition at Seattle Art Museum—and especially loved the peep-hole pieces like this one. Read Margo Vansynghel’s review of the remarkable show at

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The American Dream has taken a beating recently, as the growing forces of inequity make it ever harder for people to realize their visions for their own futures. And yet here’s an issue full of stories about artists pursuing their dreams despite the weighty odds stacked against them, harnessing their crafts to author a way forward. This is not bootstrapping—a myth if ever there was one. It’s the indomitable essence of creativity and the real American spirit.

The ingenuity in these stories comes with a heavy dose of community benevolence, too. Will Jordan, who graces this month’s cover, is a bona fide hitmaker for big-name stars, but he’s choosing to live in his native Tacoma and to make and perform his own music while contributing to the place that raised him. The Seattle Rep is mounting an enormous, free production of The Odyssey that features an array of community partners, performers and cameos alongside professional actors and crew. Treason in Pioneer Square is showing how a group of young outsiders can find success in the gallery world. Even two new Belltown bars opened by longtime musicians were created by the people, for the people.

Dreams matter. Especially when we will them to life.

See you out there,

Editor in Chief