Seeing the Unseen

Illustration by Kathryn Rathke

Che Sehyun applies ancient wisdom to modern life.

SIFF 2018: Vlada Knowlton on ‘The Most Dangerous Year’

“It’s not that easy to find parents of trans kids who are willing to talk in public about it. We’re all taking a risk by doing it, but we’re all doing it because we feel like you have to when you’re fighting for civil rights. You can’t be silent.”

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Nancy Guppy Is Not an Artist

'Oh the Beauty,' collage on paint by numbers by Nancy Guppy

Nancy Guppy takes a further step into real-girl legitimacy with the opening of her first show of visual art.

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Ellen Forney Wants to Help You Help Yourself

The moment Ellen Forney got her hands on her newest novel, hot off the press, at Fantagraphics.

On an afternoon in early April, the sun is emerging from Seattle’s perma-winter gloom and I’m meeting Ellen Forney, the artist and writer whose acclaimed 2012 graphic novel Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me tackled her bipolar disorder and the oft-fuzzy intersection of creativity and mental health. If you haven’t encountered her book before, you’ve… Continue reading Ellen Forney Wants to Help You Help Yourself

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