See It This Week

Prom Queen at Vito’s, Jake Johannsen at Laughs, ‘The Holler Sessions’ at ACT,

Prom Queen

Monday, Sept. 26 – Thursday, Sept. 29
Brazilian-Canadian film Zoom follows a young comic book artist whose current work stars a blindingly handsome Gael Garcia Bernal, her object of worship and existential punching bag. Some favorable festival buzz marks it as a must-see. –Tony Kay
Grand Illusion Cinema

Monday, Sept. 26 and Thursday, Sept. 29 – Sunday, Oct. 2
Playwright Alice Birch plays with time, space, life, death, language, power, humor, sex and the subtle violence and influence of words in Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. The form is a popular modern hybrid of play and thought experiment, made up of short interconnected scenes that result in a sort of corybantic feminist free-for-all that belies the script’s purposeful internal choreography. It’s fun and fast, thought-provoking and weird. Washington Ensemble Theatre presents this west coast premiere, which runs through Oct. 10. –Gemma Wilson
12th Avenue Arts

Thursday, Sept. 29
Miguel Jontel Pimentel—the soul singer known simply as Miguel—is one sexy motherfucker. In his yearning voice, his stylized dancing, his fashion, his lyrics, the 30-year-old LA native oozes sensuality. Even “Coffee,” the most demure, sincere love song on his Grammy-nominated 2015 album Wildheart, veers into R-rated territory, as a crooning Miguel changes the line “coffee in the morning” to “fucking in the morning.” Wildheart is a thrilling, sensuous, deeply funky ride through modern R&B, funk, hip-hop, electronica and new wave-big-budget pop music with a shocking degree of avant-garde ambition. Tonight he opens for the enigmatic pop polymath Sia. –Jonathan Zwickel
Key Arena

Thursday, Sept. 29
There is probably no better venue in which to enjoy the magical retro pop universe of Prom Queen than venerable, Rat-Pack vintage First Hill eatery/lounge Vito’s. And it’s a free show. –Tony Kay
Vito’s Restaurant and Lounge

Thursday, Sept. 29 – Sunday, Oct. 2
If you missed the debut of Frank Boyd’s solo show The Holler Sessions at On the Boards last year (or even if you didn’t), do not miss this reprise. Boyd plays a jazz radio DJ, crammed inside a tiny studio and his own obsessive brain, who spreads the gospel and legacy of this music to his audience. By obsessive I don’t mean “jazz nerd who wants to explain things to you,” I mean someone who cares to the root of his being about this music, and what it means, or should, to this country. It’s funny, it’s illuminating, and Boyd is one hell of a performer. Holler runs through Oct. 9. –Gemma Wilson
ACT Theatre

Friday, Sept. 30
Jake Johannsen
was one of the funniest comics we saw last year. He’s the master of understatement and misdirection, a wickedly capable jokeslinger with the uncanny ability to let you discover the punchline. He rewards the audience for their intelligence in recognizing his supreme cleverness with a halting, befuddled delivery. To do this requires stealth, skill and a disarming stage presence, and Johannsen pulls it off show after show. He’s a legendary veteran in the fourth decade of his career who appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman 45 times. He’s still one of the best. Catch him at Laughs’s new Roosevelt location. –Brett Hamil