Post-production Post

One of the goals of videOasis, the cavalcade of music videos we hosted with Northwest Film Forum and 12toRain Productions last week, was to present a swath of videos in succession to a live audience. Which we did—and the (almost sold-out) audience loved it. Along with the social aspect of the event, people were thrilled with the consistently high level of quality of the videos we showed as well as the music showcased in each. In that spirit, we compiled all of the videos into the playlist below. We begin with a video by Reel Grrrls, the teenage filmmaking camp for girls, and end with one of our premieres, “It’s in the Air” by psych-rockers Low Hums. (We nixed the video by Hightek Lowlives per record-label request.) Many of the individual YouTube pages for these videos link to the band’s record label or iTunes stores where you can purchase individual tracks, which you should do. 

For a full-blown 120 Minutes experience, go full-screen, kick back and watch them all in a row. And if you prefer to just listen, the videOasis playlist makes a sweet audio-only experience. Yeah, shit’s that good. 

Bleachbear, “Down by the Forest” dir. by Reel Grrls
The Bar, “Barkada” dir. Harry Clean
Odesza, “Our Friends Never Die” dir. Meskaprod
Tennis Pro, “The Mixtape Song” dir. John Jeffcoat
Iska Dhaaf, “Everybody Knows” dir. Tristan Seniuk
Real Don Music, “Emeralds and Angels” dir. Devin Ensz and Kirk Huffman 
Kithkin, “Altered Beast” dir. Ben Anderson and Sawyer Purman 
Romaro Franceswa, “Big Payback” dir. Johan Liedgren
Childbirth, “How Do Girls Even Do It” dir. Stacy Peck 
Low Hums, “It’s in the Air” dir. Clyde Petersen

Special thanks to all the musicians and directors that made videOasis possible. And stay tuned for the next installment coming later this summer…