Creative Writing

Poems from “If Reality Doesn’t Work Out”

Poetry by Maged Zaher.

Everyone is bearded here: the bohemians, the religious fanatics, and the engineers
There are however fewer trees and we experience loss
Without much to guard us
But the take-out venues of the city
Few found their lovers combating animal cruelty
And some produced more surplus value
Which the others said is totally fine

The poem comes back as a minor commitment
I wrote all of this as I was dying
In streets that became dumpsters
The lovers had no place to go
So they eroded
We all destroyed our nervous systems in sympathy
And produced nightmares
Gentleness walked these streets
And burdened us 

I kissed your slow movements
The super heroes in the background cursed back
And begged to keep the status quo
A state of infinity or nothingness
You take the couch – I keep the bed

Some poets rehearse their death
Others wait for it on a bus stop
It is Sunday market for the middleclass
The circus is brought to the poem
And all have to learn the skills of free verse
Or wither pointlessly, the world being dark
And survival is limited only
To whatever is visible and made of stone
(Except books) – there is a room
To traverse back and forth in waiting