Patrick Clark’s ‘Kingfisher’: Like a Bach Fugue

Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

“With Kingfisher, I wanted to create a counterpoint of contrasting elements, similar to what you might hear in a Bach fugue, as a subject and its countersubject. The audience is ‘the King,’ but rather than just being subservient to them, I am presenting enormous, exaggerated versions of myself. This is probably the most obvious counterpoint, but for me, the overly expressive nature of my light cubes is just a cover-up. The fact is, I hide behind artificial versions of myself—all day, every day.”

—Composer, designer and performance artist Patrick Clark, who performed his two-part Kingfisher at Bleed!, a showcase of experimental solo works also featuring Queen Shmooquan and Alisa Popova at Base: Experimental Arts + Space in late June.