Editor's Note

The Necessity of Reinvention

Emily Nokes was on our cover herself (along with Kathleen Hanna and her Tacocat bandmate Bree McKenna) last summer. This month she pitched in on the cover photo with her hand-lettering skills. Photo by Dan Paulus

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A couple of years ago I had the good fortune to work with Anastacia-Reneé on an essay. In general, editing gives an intimate look into a writer’s mind and creative process, and while most writers are fairly similar in the way they produce and revise their work, Anastacia’s process was unusually thrilling. I was floored by the way she collided ideas into one another, sparking new and valuable connections and letting the poetry of her language guide her insights without losing her grip on the overall essay.

So when I learned she had three new collections coming out this summer—itself a dizzying feat—I couldn’t wait to learn more about her and her work. In this month’s cover story, Sarah Galvin digs into Anastacia’s experimental and moving style—and the road she’s taken on her way to creating it.

Invention and reinvention figure elsewhere in this issue, too. Amanda Manitach talks to visual artist Mary Ann Peters about what led her to start making more political work decades into her already-successful career. Jonathan Zwickel spends time with Galen Disston, lead singer of Pickwick, to tell the story of the band’s latest record, which had to shake off the expectations of the last and somehow emerge anew. And Gemma Wilson describes the way Ben Putnam, the artist behind beloved drag queen BenDeLaCreme, keeps both his character and his career fresh and growing.

Each of these stories is a good reminder: Keep evolving.

See you out there,

Editor in Chief