“Mutual Admiration Society” by Future Fridays

For the February release party of From Fun-zo to Done-zo, Future Fridays went big with homemade space wizard costumes, a Lucha Libre knife fight and a pair of choreographed aerialists. During their set, the brash, brainy power-pop duo was joined by keyboard player Sean Downey, who’s now a permanent member of the group. Downey also directed Future Fridays’ new video, which we’re proud to premiere today. “Mutual Admiration Society” finds a scruffy dude chucking rocks at sad-sack life until he’s befriended by a lil’ green gremlin who guides him to the promised land, ie. a tiny basement practice space where Future Fridays is rocking the rock. Follow along for yourself. 

And be sure to catch Future Fridays performing at the Blue Moon on May 15 with Sean Downey and at the LoFi on May 30 with the Fabulous Downey Brothers.