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Miscomings at Black Lodge, ‘The Schnupp Show’ at Rendezvous, ‘Bridge Over Mud’ at On the Boards

'Bridge Over Mud' at On the Boards

Tuesday, Sept. 20
The Rendezvous continues to serve as a hub for strange and inclusive local comedy with shows at least four nights every week in September. The Schnupp Show is a solid example of the weirdness at play on both of the venue’s two Prohibition-era stages. It’s hosted by Tyler Schnupp, an unassuming local comic and career drinker with sly, soulful eyes and a subversive wit who invites his friends to do sets and then offers them life advice from offstage. As a bonus, admission is free if you buy a ticket to the earlier Comedy Nest open mic happening downstairs in the Grotto. –Brett Hamil

Tuesday, Sept. 20
The Specials
were one of the first (and best) of the second-wave ska bands to skank their way onto the British music scene in the late ‘70s. They’re still going strong despite the absence of founder/songwriter Jerry Dammers, and their socially aware Thatcher-era tunes resonate just as strongly in these Brexit-informed recessionary times. –Tony Kay
Showbox Market

Thursday, Sept. 22 – Sunday, Sept. 25
Just listen to what the Oslo-based performance and art group Verdensteatret is bringing to On the Boards for Bridge Over Mud, to create the “moveable room” with which they’ll be filling the space: 195 feet of elevated tracks, 11 motorized vehicles, 60 speakers and 30 micro-controlled motors to transport video, sculptures, screens, etc. “to create a dazzling, open-ended imaginary story-space.” The whole thing sounds totally beautiful and bizarre, stretching the word “cross-disciplinary” to its limit. –Gemma Wilson
On the Boards

Friday, Sept. 23
Every band on this lineup—Guerilla Toss, Nail Polish, Charms, Miscomings—is worth your time and the three that top the bill have been well documented over the past couple years, so I’m going to focus on the newest of the four to bubble up into the scene, Miscomings, specifically their drummer. Having started on her instrument only six months ago, Nicole Murillo unleashes a primitive innocence into her drums that sounds like a kid discovering their belly button for the first time. Simple, stomping beats (who needs to ride a freakin’ cymbal these days?!), not always in time, always with joy and conviction. Not for everyone, for sure, but damn she renewed the faith in the power of the pound for this dusty old drummer. –Dan Paulus
Black Lodge

Saturday, Sept. 24
Despite having no Thai members or direct connection to Thai music, this trio from Austin, Texas, takes their name from the Thai word for “airplane.” If the borrowing is problematic, at least the music is heavenly. On their debut album The Universe Smiles Upon You, released earlier this year on the Night Time Stories label, Khruangbin blends sunset jazz, Polynesian-style steel guitar and minimalist percussion with a late-’90s downtempo sensibility, creating the most vibe-heavy, summer-friendly music of 2016. We’re looking forward to floating into groovy bliss tonight. –Jonathan Zwickel
Tractor Tavern

Saturday, Sept. 24
Don Coscarelli’s low-budget 1979 horror flick Phantasm was a triumph of unbridled imagination on a shoestring, and a profound inspiration to a generation of genre filmmakers. One of those acolytes, J.J. Abrams, sprung for the spanking-new 4K restoration of the movie, playing for one night only at the Uptown. Coscarelli and Abrams will participate in a pre-movie Skype Q&A. –Tony Kay
SIFF Cinema Uptown