“Mind Moves” by Wall of Ears

Hallucinations made actual.

Welcome to the cocktail lounge at the end of the universe, where the bartender is pouring ayahuasca swizzles and the ambiance is the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey filtered through public access TV and a sentient Speak & Spell. Playing on the hi-fi: Wall of Ears, the far-flung psych-pop-rock band lead by CW Lott, which recently materialized in Seattle as if beamed in directly from another dimension. Their debut album Hello Beautiful Nothing, released earlier this year, is our September Album of the Month.

Today we’re psyched to premiere the video for Wall of Ears’ “Mind Moves,” a high-concept, low-budget space oddity directed by Lott himself. I could describe it but I’d rather leave that up to Lott, who wrote in an email:

“I’m always looking to translate anti-logic via sounds. I want to excommunicate my art from the parameters of expectation. Logic is a dank smoke we invented but reality moves much too fast to stuff into a box that we can digest with our minds. When we go into empty mode our singularities shine like intelligent candles; we are holy and ripe with rawness. In the video, I turn this abstract concept physical. I wanted to take us through the mental moment of an astronaut getting sucked through a black hole. Hallucinations made actual. Confronting the void’s face.”

So there you have it. Get sucked in below and read my review of the album here