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Manatee Commune on Ice, ‘The Untitled Play About Art School,’ Fly Moon Royalty’s Final Show

Fly Moon Royalty

Monday, Dec. 19 – Wednesday, Dec. 21
These are your last chances to see Nelle Tankus’ The Untitled Play About Art School and you should. The play has a few kinks, but Tankus is a talented writer with vision and imagination, and this play weaves Greek myth with a modern storyline to dip into territory that needs theatrical exploring, from more-than-lip-service inclusion to the idea that art school (and thus the codification of what “counts” as “art”) might be bullshit. –Gemma Wilson
12th Avenue Arts

Thursday, Dec. 22
Their Friday Encore is sold out, but you can still nab tickets for Thursday night’s Central Cinema Totally Christmas Sing Along, where everyone can enjoy singing along with Christmas videos while indulging in food and drink. Ugly sweaters optional. –Tony Kay
Central Cinema

Thursday, Dec. 22 – Friday, Dec. 23
Rising up the ranks in a second-or-third-tier comedy city like Seattle can be a long slog. Since 1990, Susan Jones has been doing it the hard way, working the road and building up a fanbase in a region with limited industry exposure. She’s emerged as one of the city’s strongest headliners and a den mother for an unruly new generation of younger comics. She’s a Puyallup native, single mom and former strip club DJ with an unmistakable stage presence who can work dirty or clean, rural or urban, or all of the above. –Brett Hamil
Tacoma Comedy Club

Friday, Dec. 23
It’s the holidays. I’m broke as hell. But I’ll forego fripperies like food if it means catching the two-person groove machine that is Fly Moon Royalty one last time. Yeah, this will be the last stand for Seattle’s greatest electro-soul outfit, but save the teary-eyed sentiment for later: now’s the time to get down. –Tony Kay

Friday, Dec. 23
You’ve seen Manatee Commune, Seattle’s much-loved feel-good electronica outfit. But have you seen Manatee Commune on ice? Really though: For tonight’s show, the Neptune Theatre will be decked out to look like the inside of a snow globe, complete with a snow machine, with Manatee Commune’s sole proprietor Grant Eadie at the center of the escapade. Along with his inscrutable array of digital instruments, Eadie plays guitar, violin and drums, adding sweet and soaring melodies to his gooey, dance-friendly beatscapes. Tonight he’s joined by openers Dave B (one of our Artists of the Year), Yppah and Saint Claire. The weather outside may be frightful, but the music inside is delightful. –Jonathan Zwickel
Neptune Theatre