The Love Markets Celebrate Debut Album at ACT

The Love Markets

The Love MarketsAngie Louise has a gigantic voice. She is equal parts forceful and fun, a singer, songwriter, actress and comedienne with fearsome chops. She’s graced the stage of nearly every theatre in Seattle, won poetry awards, and even penned and starred in cult film Gory Gory Hallelujah, but her latest project puts that impressive voice back in the spotlight. The Love Markets, Louise’s lingerie-and-beret-clad, Cabaret-flavored band, have finally released their debut album World Of Your Dreams, and celebrated with a performance at ACT on August 10.

Kicking off the night was opening band The Half Brothers, who were an absolute riot—think DaVinci’s Notebook, those ‘90s guys responsible for classic songs like “Face Like Billy Joel” and “Another Irish Drinking Song,” but hee-haw. You can catch their late night variety show at the Annex every weekend in August.

The energy kept rising as The Love Markets took the stage. The band finds its inspiration in Weimar Germany, that glittering post-World War I apex of relaxed social mores (think Josephine Baker in her tongue-in-cheek banana skirt), Bauhaus and cabaret, before that whole Great Depression/Third Reich thing kicked in. It’s hard not to get sucked in when they are clearly having such a great time.

The Love Markets performed their record from start to finish, winding their way through raunchy numbers like “My Little Wiener Schnitzel,” the seriously sad “Cemetery Song” and their namesake Brechtian ballad “The Love Market/Ballad of Marie Sanders.”

The delightfully unselfconscious band members kept pace with Angie’s über-belter vocals and commanding stage presence. Roberson Witmer, listed as the group’s “accordion vixen,” hammed it up with bassist Dave Pascal, who looks like my uncle Kevin, if my uncle Kevin played electric bass in a negligee and galoshes. David Marriott Jr. and Chris Monroe rounded out the quintet on Big Red Trombone and drums.

What’s next for these ruffle-clad ruffians? “Now that the record’s wrapped, I get to go back to writing songs!” says Louise. “We’ll be trotting out new material at fall shows at our favorite regular haunts like Can Can and the Burlesco Notturno series on November 9.” That’s good news to those of us who’d love to run away with her circus again, ASAP.

Find World Of Your Dreams at, or on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby starting August 17.