Around Town

Live Music on New Years Eve

Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces
With this summer’s Lese Majesty, their second album on Sub Pop, Shabazz Palaces delivered hip-hop so inimitable it might’ve come from the future—which is why the enigmatic duo is the ideal emissary with which to step into next year. Every show they play is distinct from the last, changing in composition and presentation to the point of unpredictability. For an occasion like tonight they’re sure to go extra-dimensional.
Neptune Theatre

Beat Connection with Pillar Point and Customs
This triple bill at Neumos features two of Seattle’s most upbeat electro-pop bands for a proper, feel-good dance party to close 2014. With each single they’ve released this year, Beat Connection leans further into glorious, Hall & Oates-inflected blue-eyed soul while Pillar Point shimmies slyly on the moodier side of the dance floor. Customs is a good-times, genre-spanning DJ crew.

The Cave Singers
We’ve stayed faithful to the Cave Singers over the last seven years as they transitioned from croaky dirge-blues stompers to droning folk-metal shamans to their most populist incarnation as classic-rocking anthemists. Through each shift, their music has remained earnest and invigorated, buoyed by unforgettable melodies and Pete Quirk’s lived-in vocals. In short, we love these lovable dudes and will follow them wherever they go—including into 2015.
Tractor Tavern

Reignwolf with Rose Windows and Thunderpussy
Once Seattle-dwelling, Reignwolf has lately been running loose, touring the U.S. as a club headliner and opening worldwide for Ozzy Osbourne. What started as the solo project of guitarist Jordan Cook has morphed into a trio, but Cook is still the engine of the crazy train, leather-jacketed, sweat-drenched and possessed by rock ’n’ roll. Thunderpussy are not-too-distant hard-rocking kin—though of the opposite gender. Rose Windows splits the difference, playing groovy psych rock with flute and female vox.