Listen to New Music from Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, SSNACKSS, Pink Parts, Cruel Diagonals and Joel Cuplin

Cruel Diagonals
Cruel Diagonals by Samantha Pease

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, “Concussion”
DLO3 follow a long legacy of Hammond-driven soul-jazz combos, playing music that everyone with ears can agree on. These veteran virtuosos understand the essence of groove and use it to achieve timeless, exalted results. Like this jam, from their debut LP Close But No Cigar, coming in March.

SSNACKSS, “Soft Spot (Demo)”
SSNACKSS tears into this (very polished) demo like a drunk child to a wet magazine, shredding it to ragged edges and reconstructing a monster made of controlled, punkish chaos. Bonus: Lead singer Tariq Khan sounds like Iggy. Stay tuned for more from this compelling quartet.

Pink Parts, “Prettier”
Rock ’n’ roll is most relevant when those making it are both pissed-off and proud. Like the members of Pink Parts, who channel exhausted sarcasm and righteous rage into a raging debut LP, eponymously titled, produced by Steve Fisk and released in January. On this album highlight, dueling guitars add depth and complexity to Nicki Danger’s soaring vocals.

Cruel Diagonals, “Render Arcane”
Like white magic or virtual reality, Disambiguation, the debut album from Megan Mitchell’s solo ambient-electronic project, is eerie but objective, an intense experience that leaves a deep impression and few answers. As it patiently accumulates echoing voices, metallic percussion and tectonic bass, “Render Arcane” blurs the line between synthetic and organic.

Joel Cuplin, “Bouyant Jubilee”
Breathe. Just breathe. This liminal, 30-minute mind massage is built from layers of smooth saxophone, trembling bells and gently pulsing drums, all courtesy the surprising multi-talent who’s usually found shirtless and shout-singing for aggro noise-rockers Constant Lovers.