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Listen! Slow Corpse, Whitney Lyman, Chanti Darling feat. the Last Artful, Dodgr, Slap Serif and Lido & J’Von feat. Mayer Hawthorne

Whitney Lyman

Slow Corpse, “Animals”
Is Slow Corpse an Anticon-like hip-hop collective, a jaunty indie band beholden to Ben Folds or an experimental electro-pop unit descended from the Ghostly International roster? Yes, yes and yes. In its pastiche of unlikely influences, this quintet from Ashland, Ore. exudes a magnetic creepiness on Fables, their full-length debut.

Whitney Lyman, “Like the Ox”
One of Seattle’s most versatile musicians, Whitney Lyman has contributed her heart-swelling voice to songs by Odesza, the Theoretics, Seattle Rock Orchestra and more. Her new solo album, Pleasure/Pain, dwells in an ethereal orchestral-ambient-pop realm; this panoramic lead single harnesses somber strings played by Andrew Joslyn.

Chanti Darling feat. the Last Artful, Dodgr, “Casual”
Some songs sound like sex—like this one from Chanti Darling’s debut LP, RNB Vol 1. The Portland neo-soul adepts know their way around a come-hither groove, and as The Last Artful, Dodgr injects her gooey, half-rapped, half-sung verse, this sensual slow jam reaches a climax that sounds like the peak of prom night circa 1997.

Slap Serif, “Pete Lake”
Drew Valdez is an Eastside-born, Bellingham-based producer and a former Boy Scout whose “Will DJ for Food” program earned him Eagle status and brought 1,000 lb. of canned goods to the Woodinville food bank. As Slap Serif, Valdez recently released Aural Wilderness, a dense, psychedelic joyride through dusky soul samples and cracking drum breaks that was two years in the making.

Lido & J’Von feat. Mayer Hawthorne, “People”
J’Von’s Spacesuit EP finds the Seattle rapper partnering with Norwegian producer Lido for an all-too-brief sliver of sunshine, J’Von’s precise, playful verbalizing sliding effortlessly alongside Lido’s smooth, synthy beats. On “People,” guest crooner Mayer Hawthorne adds a modern-soul hook that nudges the song toward anthem status.