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Listen! New Music by Spesh, Sus, Afterlife Giftshop, Scarlet Parke and EMI


Spesh, “Olympic Mango”
Four good-looking weirdos who share a lineage of interesting Seattle indie-rock projects make their debut as Spesh. Their album Famous World is a peppermint swirl of Anglophilic post-punk pop glimmering with fluid sensuality and druggy sonics. This jam slows their amphetamine rush to a slinky, wiry funk, riding a syncopated guitar line and deep-space FX.

Sus, “Groove to This”
I envision the five folks of Sus as very cool nerds. The crew goes deep on its influences—mellifluous CTI jazz, TPAB-era Kendrick Lamar and the Roots—but their irresistible swing identifies them as purveyors of their own bright moments. Live hip-hop isn’t easy to pull off but See U Soon, Sus’ debut EP, feels effortless.

Afterlife Giftshop, “Optimism Duplicator”
Arriving with only two songs and the most plainly poetic band name since Car Seat Headrest, Afterlife Giftshop is hard to pin down. This jaunty number—wry, buoyant indie-pop spiked by West African-ish guitar—suggests a riskier version of Vampire Weekend, but I need more music before settling on a hashtag.

Scarlet Parke, “Moonlight”
“Another sleepless night/but I enjoy the moonlight,” sings Scarlet Parke, her opening words on a slick soul-pop banger produced by Jake Crocker. Parke drops similarly clever lyricism throughout, celebrating her freedom from a loser lover. Her debut album with Crocker arrives early 2019.

EMI, “Bad Friends”
The boom-clap beat behind “Bad Friends” is built for blowing up the main stage, but deep inside you’ll find a funny, detailed ode to honoring the worst tendencies of your best homies. Opening for Yung Thug and racking up millions of online streams have given this young singer-songwriter-producer a reach well beyond her Seattle home base.