Latex Couture

Mostow in the studio with one of her best-selling designs, the Skater Dress, with custom-colored marble latex sheeting made to order. Photo by Kelly O

Dawn Mostow creates garments for runways, museums, pop stars and beyond.

Sushi is Simplicity

Chef Kotaro Kumita readies a portion of o-toro (bluefin tuna belly), a staple of any traditional sushi omakase. Photo by Kelly O.

At Sushi Wataru, chef Kotaro Kumita sticks to tradition.

Meatless in Seattle

The Carlile Room is one of several Tom Douglas restaurants serving the Impossible Burger. Photo by Kelly O.

Inexpensive and nutritious, the meat-free burger will feed the future. But how does it taste?

Taste Test with David Golightly

David Golightly

After growing up a home-schooled Eagle Scout in a small, eastern Kentucky town and studying music composition at the University of Louisville, David Golightly moved to Seattle sight unseen 12 years ago. He’s since made his mark here working as CTO for celebrated (now-defunct) dating startup Siren and playing synth in psych-rock bands Midday Veil… Continue reading Taste Test with David Golightly