Drinking in the Arts

A journey into the night with three creative drinkers.
Portrait photography by Andrew Waits for City Arts; dioramas designed by Emily Busey, photographed by Justin LaRosa

THE HIDEOUTThis hidden gem…

Food Stuff: Making the Sausage

Seattle’s chefs turn scraps into scrumptious cuisine.
Sausage is beloved the world over: Polish kielbasa, Filipino longanisa, Italian salami, German bratwurst (not to mention bockwurst and knockwurst), Mexican chorizo, Spanish chorizo, French…

Food Stuff: Burnin’ for You

Wood-fired ovens put the heart back into dinner as Seattle’s restaurants build on a warming tradition.
With winter comes the undeniable urge to hibernate. When the sky turns black at four p.m., the only sensible thing to do is head inside and get…

Food Stuff

Local kitchens take their cues from the classic mignonette, but dress their oysters in flavors of their own choosing.
There’s nothing quite like eating a raw oyster: its cool, gray body quivers on the tongue, then slides down the warm throat in a…

Food Stuff: A Long Tradition

Seattle restaurants carry on the heritage of hand-made noodles.
When it comes to noodles, most restaurants save time by using the pre-made or dried stuff, but a few, including Seattle restaurants Cascina Spinasse, Sichuanese Cuisine and Nettletown,…

Food Stuff: Feast Master

For the third year, Burning Beast invites lovers of music, FIRE and meats (and vegetables) to the Northwest’s artiest cookout.
Photograph by Andrew Waits.

“I’ve always been a supporter of the arts.”
You might think that local chef…

Dish-Off: Avila v. Cantinetta

Avila v. Cantinetta Two chefs move fast to fuel a food fantasy. This month’s inspiration: “Little Red Corvette,” by Prince.
Photography by Rina Jordan
“On the verge of bein’ obscene” is how Prince describes his babe’s body in this 1982…


Cookin’ and Eden: Peter Gabriel’s “Blood of Eden” inspires complicated, but delicious, relationships.
Photography by Rina Jordan.
This month’s Dish-Off features Urbane, a glistening restaurant in the new Hyatt at Olive 8 hotel, and…

Dish-Off: Alone at the Top

Three Seattle chefs compete for the “Cooking Maestro” title by creating three delicious dishes inspired by songs of their own choosing.
Over the course of this year, Dish-Off challenged chefs at twenty-eight restaurants to create dishes inspired…


Livin’ Large on Steaks ’n’ Shrimp
Two very different houses find themselves at war in this month’s Dish-Off. Steak house El Gaucho’s newest location in Bellevue is where chef Steve Cain stands behind the hot grill serving up prime cuts of…


Nuts for Forbidden Fruits
This month’s battle goes down in Belltown between Branzino chef and Top Chef: Las Vegas contestant Ashley Merriman and Spur’s Dana Tough and Brian McCracken, who are garnering rave reviews in local and national…