Late Nights Early Mornings, “What to Do”

People of a certain age remember the classic American film Mannequin, wherein feather-haired heartthrob Andrew McCarthy falls in love with a magically-come-to-life mannequin played by a pre-Sex in the City Kim Cattrall. Ah, ’80s cinema. Based on the awkward/endearing video for “What To Do” by production duo Late Nights Early Mornings, which we’re psyched to premiere today, we’re guessing the band members are not of that age.

Or maybe they are! Maybe it’s an homage! A mashup of Mannequin with Lars and the Real Girl! Maybe!

Either way, the song itself is pure honey: West Coast house augmented by smooth, soulful vocals courtesy up-and-comer Saint Claire. With a bubbly bass line, roller-disco synth strings and a slick guitar riff smartly deployed, the song is ideal for dancing under the hazy, elevated circumstances evoked by the duo’s name.

Directed by Brian Oh, the video is a timeless tale of love and betrayal with a twist. Watch below, and keep an eye out for more from Late Nights Early Mornings.