Photo by Lauren Max

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Cirilia Rose hand-stiches elegance.

WHO Cirilia Rose, the 32-year-old designer, writer, teacher and full-time yarn lover. Rose was born to a military family in San Antonio, Texas, then shipped off to an army base south of Tokyo mere months later. She spent her formative years in Germany, later studying consumer culture at UMass Amherst. Four years ago she moved to Seattle in the pursuit of romance. The romance fell apart but the city stuck.

TEXTILE ARTIST Rose’s grandmother taught her to knit at age 7, but Debbie Stoller’s book Stitch ‘n Bitch lit a fire during her college years. Now Rose works with yarn full-time, teaching classes, designing patterns and partnering with yarn companies to help them build brands. Last November, she published her first book, Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads: A Modern Knitter’s Guide to Discovering and Exploring Style.

THE LOOK “My boyfriend Elliott calls it #smocklife. Draped knee-length or maxi dress with opaque tights—either black or an eye-searing color—and a pair of wedge sneakers. I work at home in Green Lake, which means I’m surrounded by the “athleisure” trend, though I lean health goth before Lululemon. A lot of my favorite dresses are from Feral Childe, Totokaelo and Icelandic designers like Helicopter.”

ICONS “Women who have seemingly effortless, holistic empires inspire me because it all comes from a place of self-awareness, confidence and hard work. Locally: Linda Derschang and Nicole Miller of Blackbird. Sofia Coppola, Barbara Hulanicki and Björk always. There’s a through-line of classicism.”

UP NEXT Her next book, which loops in her passion for Iceland. “It’s a fiber-focused travel memoir with a dozen or so knitting patterns. People keep asking me why I love Iceland so much and what to do during their 24-hour layover there. I figured this could start to address that.”