Kitsch *NSYNC

As a kid, Cat “SassyBlack” Harris-White adored boy and girl pop bands like the Jackson 5, SWV and New Edition, drawn by the power of multiple voices uniting in a single, sweet sound. As she got older, she gravitated to one group in particular. And she’s not ashamed to talk about it.

“By the time *NSYNC came out I was going through puberty,” Harris-White says. “I immediately fell in love with their seemingly pure sounds and looks.” (For the record, Lance Bass is still her favorite; “it’s the deep voice and those gorgeous eyes,” she says.)

Which brings us to Pop Treasury Vol. 1: *NSYNC, SassyBlack’s new beat tape, which we’re premiering today. The 10-minute mix is comprised entirely of *NSYNC samples, though Harris-White won’t say which ones: “I find that discovering the sampled track is more of a treat rather than having it revealed to you.” Hardcore *NSYNC fans, we know you’re out there. Let the trainspotting begin.

Harris-White says further mixes are in the works, “pop-themed projects” the details of which she’s keeping under wraps for now. She’s playing a bunch of Seattle gigs in the coming weeks, including a “trippy fun spacey adventure” with Taylar Elizza Beth at the Laser Dome (!!!) on Feb. 2. She’ll be playing the stuff you hear here, plus a lot more, and layering her own vocals on top. In the meantime, go on and bump this Timberlake-smooth collection and chair dance all day. We won’t tell.

SassyBlack photo by Africanist.