Streetwear Takeover

Photo by Lauren Max

WHO Jessica Hu, aka Jess2sick, the 27-year-old dancer, model, stylist and freelance creative producer. Originally from Salem, Ore., Hu arrived in Seattle eight years ago to attend the University of Washington and explore opportunities as a hip-hop dancer. Her interests in fashion, design, photography, video and dance come together in SHMOOD, a new monthly Instagram series that showcases dance artists with a particular color in mind—and celebrates each new installment with a premiere party.

THE LOOK “Colorful, cozy, comfortable streetwear with a twist of high fashion. I was always a tomboy, wearing large boys T-shirts, but over the years the comfy, baggy style inherited a girly, refined touch. I love to rock primary colors—I like to style the same colorway head to toe. Jumpsuits are my favorite. I buy tons of them at thrift shops, and I’m obsessed with cool pants.”

ICONS “Pharrell Williams. I love his effortless steeze and how he’s always changing the game in fashion. Truly my inspiration stems from hip-hop—hip-hop dance is where I found my style. The way streetwear is taking over fashion is very exciting. I love how sportswear and utilitarian wear is taking a new approach, with quality of fabric and small details that make an outfit. Overall I’m inspired by the people around me and what I see and hear on the daily. The world is full of color.”

UP NEXT In the coming months Hu is focused on building SHMOOD and expanding its presence in Seattle and NYC. She’s also in the early phases of collaboration with a number of organizations to provide creative outlets for people living with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Keep an eye out for forthcoming events and new visual work by following @projectshmood and @jess2sick on Instagram.