Sketchbook Porn

Jeremy Eaton’s Slices of a Psyche

Jeremy Eaton. Photo by Lauren Max

Jeremy Eaton is a prolific painter, sculptor and graphic novelist with a penchant for all things vintage, from shoes and chapeaux to iconography. A native of Great Britain who emigrated to the U.S. in 1971, Eaton arrived in Seattle in 1994 to work for iconic publisher Fantagraphics. Since then he’s published many volumes of graphic literature, including A Sleepyhead Tale, Whatnot!, and A World of Trouble, all on Fantagraphics.

His Fremont studio is lovingly dubbed “EnERGETIC Studio” in a nod to his prodigious productivity. There, vibrant paintings of surreal characters, vibrating landscapes and political figures rendered in electric color seem to defy the confines of the canvas. For those on the hunt for eye candy, Eaton opens EnERGETIC to the public on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, from noon to 6 p.m. at 521 NW 43rd St. Below he shares a smattering of recent images.

“Unlike many artists, I don’t keep actual sketchbooks,” Eaton says. “My paintings build themselves in the folds of memory, arising when current emotion and thought demand them. Periodically these inspirations are too many, jostling at the door for space in my consciousness; these are the times I must sit down with a stack of manila drawing paper and flesh them out in miniature form. Some end up being direct launchpads to larger paintings, others are points on a trail of discovery. All are vital to the creative function. There is a certain freedom to this exercise. The limited scope is liberating, allowing many ideas/images to be born in a single sitting, exposing fixtures of my minds obsession.”