Take Oliver’s Advice

The Viceroy of Hilltop picks six artists that should be part of your new year…

Oliver Doriss at Fulcrum Gallery; photograph by Young Lee.

The New Law
“From down-tempo western dub origins, Adam Straney and Justin Neff combine organic and synthetic hip hop beats with evolving soundscapes, dreamlike sax, dusty samples, soaring synths and pulsing drums.”

Going Shopping
“With perennial support from Lucas Webster and Phil Harty, Nicolas Hartzell creates minimalist avant-garde shoegaze soundscapes combined with video performance by Kris Crews.”

Night Fox
“Chronie Diego, Heady Leonne and DJ Scout create edgy modern hip hop with awesome Portisheadish vocals.”

Troy Gua
“The multilayer graphic pop imagery of Troy Gua is a product of the shiny American Dream of the late 1970s and ’80s. His work embodies the glossy immortality and deceptive complexity that marked the era and encourages closer investigation.”
Showing at Fulcrum, January 21–March 13

Jeremy Mangan
“Working in the emerging modern folk art style, Jeremy was awarded the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation Art Award.”
Showing at Fulcrum, May 20–July 10

Mindy Barker
“A professional faux finisher, she has been established on the Tacoma Art scene for some time, known for her mixed-media paintings which incorporate sections of photographs that germinate into a surrealistic aggregate-inspired composition.”

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