The Curator’s Eye

Fierce Competition | Andrea L. Trenbeath, “chalkie”

Selected by R. R. Anderson, co-founder, Frost Park Chalk Challenge

Photo courtesy of Erik Bjornson

Andrea L. Trenbeath has participated in the Frost Park Chalk Challenge since the inaugural competition last year, which she “unofficially” won. (In case you don’t know: the weekly chalk-drawing competition is a banner for community synergy. It transformed Frost Park, a public space once rife with nefarious activity, and halted the city’s plans to fence it off.)

If you track past voting streams on, a buzzing online community forum, you’ll see she is a house favorite.  It’s no surprise: the humanoid figures and creatures that she sketches constantly in notebooks translate well into chalk. With their hot pink underlighting, their dark, strong contrasts and a lot of color, they evoke admiration — and a little fear.

The best part about the challenge for Andrea — besides the donated prizes that organizer Erik Bjornson has introduced — is the networking it offers to artists. “When I showed up for the first Frost Park Friday,” Andrea says, “nobody knew who I was.”

Take note, unsung doodlers: your public awaits at South 9th and Commerce Streets every Friday at noon. 

Artist Stats

Preferred medium: “Charcoal, pencil . . . but I gotta rotate.”
Current project: Graphic novel, tentatively titled Nightwalker
Best online endorsement: “Andrea: Best. Gnome. Ever.”
Favorite color: Blue
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