Questions for Marc Dombroski


Questions for Marc Dombroski, “Stitch Artist”

Photo by Chris Tumbusch

Last fall, your show at Portland Art Museum featured needlepoint-on-cardboard signs. How’d that get started?

My wife, Shannon [Eakins], taught me to sew. I was making a series of drawings and tracking them. Then I started picking up papers I found on the street and worked on understanding how people make the marks they do . . . sewing was a way of profiling, of resewing those marks.

Recently you and Shannon dressed the “wave” at Tacoma Art Museum in knitwear. What happened to the sweaters?

Part of our proposal was to clean them and donate them to Goodwill and the Tacoma Rescue Mission; the sweaters came from Tacoma and are going back to Tacoma.

What’s ahead in your work?

My wife and I are collaborating on a show at Fulcrum Gallery in April that looks at history; I’ve been reading Murray Morgan’s journals and getting inspired.