Questions for Jennifer Boutell

Author of, a “locally-grown” city guide containing postings on “361 Good Days in Tacoma.”

How did the whole “Good Days” thing get started?
Around the time of the shooting at Foss High, I was getting tired of arguing with people from Seattle about the “worthless ghetto” we live in. I decided to take that energy and put it into something positive.

What surprised you most about the project?
How much I wanted to do it. After thirty days, I was totally invested. The other surprise was how much people wanted to read something like this.

What was the hardest part of posting three hundred and sixty-one days straight?
Balancing it with my family life. I’m not paid; this is a hobby.

What’s the most important thing you learned?
You can’t get a bad meal in any South Tacoma Way restaurant.

Photo by Chris Tumbusch