Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles, March 2013

Five can’t-miss tracks from the PNW

It’s tempting to hear this song, from Wimps debut Repeat, as a farewell to demolished punk club and Wimps incubator the Funhouse. But it’s really just another great, simple punk song about ever-elusive joy, joining classics like the Stooges’ “No Fun” and the Suicide Commandos’ “Complicated Fun.” “I got a long face,” blurts Rachel Ratner. “That’s because I’m a horse.”

CLOSE Sam Anderson
Hey Marseilles cellist Sam Anderson has thrown out his bow. On “Closer,” the calmest in a series of skittering solo compositions he’s posted online in the last couple months, the multi-instrumentalist sings in a breathy croon over a relaxed chord progression on piano as electronics blip and twitter around him: “It’s time to get close.”

Michael Lerner (left) has a history of carving out an undeniable hook. So it’s no surprise that this first cut from his upcoming third full-length album as Telekinesis is a pop gem that pulses with life—and swells into an undeniable hook, which could be a club anthem. It’s begging for a remix.

PASSPORTS the Comettes
The scary thing about this band is that it’s existed for only six months. This track, from a recently issued EP, is the kind of languid baritone ballad with echoey, tremulous guitar that would sound great from a band like the National or Editors. The future is bright for the Comettes.

There’s this thing about Weezer: They didn’t write enough great Weezer songs. So here comes Seacats with the best Weezer song that Rivers Cuomo never wrote, complete with those Rentals keys, grinding guitars and lots of “ba ba ba ba ba.”