Keeping Seattle Pretty

“Seven years ago, when I installed that chandelier, I thought, If I’m gonna have a chandelier, I’m gonna have one you can swing from. So I had that custom built by an artist friend. It was a dream to have an aerialist perform—we’d never had one before. Tanya Brno is the best in the city. She blew me away at the party. We always have the Parlor-versary in December because that’s when I opened 11 years ago. Every year we do better than the last, and last October was the best month we’ve ever had in the history of the Pretty Parlor. We’re definitely doing something right. The one way to stay open is to just never close.”

 —Anna Banana, proprietress of Capitol Hill fashion boutique the Pretty Parlor. Last year’s 10th anniversary celebration was canceled after Banana was in a serious car accident. This year’s party went to new heights.

Photo by Chona Kasinger