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Five can’t-miss tracks from the PNW

Sir Lancelot Thaddeus David, 
feat. Nacho Picasso and Avatar Darko
Last month, this column praised the latest from Nacho Picasso, the molasses-mouthed MC with surrealist verse and smoldering bravado. This month he returns to take a decent track by Thaddeus David over the top. Between some creative boasts, Picasso provides critics with an apt descriptor. “I’m rap’s Tim Burton,” he drawls. Bingo.

Oh Catherine, My Catherine Widower
A sneak peek of the band’s first full-length, Fool Moon, this song suggests that the four years since leader Kevin Large released Widower’s debut EP have been well spent. A hypnotic, shuffling slice of Americana that twinkles with piano and guitar, the song lands Large somewhere between Rocky Votolato and Ryan Adams.

Proof Shenandoah Davis
The best of Shenandoah Davis’ music is rollicking, showcasing a style of piano play—generally a loose and expertly executed rag—that has a certain inherent joy to it. It’s a quality that makes a song like “Proof,” with its message to leave “the old to die,” delicious in its emotional complexity.

I’m Not Leaving Big Sur
Folk balladeer Jake Hemming released this sweetly melancholic love song in the summer. A spare, heartbreaking version was more recently released by music blog Sound on the Sound to celebrate a successful operation to correct nerve damage that kept Hemming from playing guitar. This is him at his best, a state to which we expect him to return soon.

So So So Tomten
This track from Tomten is a swinging pop number seemingly from the ‘60s, featuring the thick twang of reverb-laden bass and a story about an alien presence attempting to take over the city of Cleveland. Sung by Lena Simon, the song is so seductive it could be part of the plan.