Musician, ginger beer brewer and all-around mystery man Tilson gives a peek inside his wardrobe.

Tilson is known for being unknowable. The one-named enigma may or may not live in Tacoma; we see him around Seattle often though. Until a couple of years ago, he co-led beloved Seattle hip-hop hipsters the Saturday Knights (now defunct) and these days he bottles his own ginger beer called Books and Bridges (it’s got serious bite). Last month, he began releasing long-awaited solo material, a genre-fuck blend of hip-hop, rock and velvet vocals.

Also, he likes hats. Also, he loves shoes.

At the prodding of the magazine, Tilson brought a fraction of his favorite footwear to one of the Old Rainier Brewery vaults for a photo shoot. That’s right: What you see above is not all the shoes he owns. He has a thing for high tops, hiking boots, the color red, and details like ombre laces, unusual embroidery (ducks taking flight?) and fragrant rubber soles made with sweet tobacco.

His style inspiration for fall: Paul Bunyan, minus the blue ox and giant axe. Dig the wide suspenders, striped stockings and Texas-size belt buckle. This stuff never looked so cool ensemble.

Photos by Amanda Manitach.