In Great Swarms

My thoughts thronged a long wrong road
My lost lover lolled an old toothpick
The cells of the body harbor something dire – a secret
they express through slow secretion
Will you please
quicken my breath, the turn, the door, oh goodbye
and 1, 2, 3          1, 2, 3 – the waltz skips the double heart beat –
the creak of departure, the strain of a boat roped
The skirt slaps the skin, the skull slams to sleep,
the sky skids past
I am a morning sneak, a marone, a mortal
I felt the sun come sniff the side of my face
The road grew longer with each step I didn’t take
59 days of nonconsecutive stomachache
Is this what you mean when you say I should grow up
        in America
in love, in love, in love, fatal, fatal
at night, in great swarms, as many of us would like to do