Installations and performances along a five-kilometer path create another type of art walk.

The NEPO 5K “Don’t Run” was an informal parade. On a hot, clear Saturday in September, several hundred people checked in at the starting line in Occidental Park, wound through the I.D., crossed the Jose Rizal Bridge, wandered along the I-90 trail and cut south into the heart of Beacon Hill. Along the way participants were treated to site-specific artworks, roving performances and the jovial company of strangers.

More than 80 area artists contributed to the day-long spatial adventure that ended at the “Finish Line” strung across the street outside artist and organizer Klara Glosova’s house, which doubles as NEPO (“open” backward) headquarters. Since early 2010 Glosova and her collaborators have hosted six experimental, temporary installation-parties there. 

1 An informative tidbit from Laura Dean and Ryan Worsley’s Flock of Disproven Theories Written as Facts twists in the breeze.

2 Anthony Sonnenberg—a Texas transplant and University of Washington M.F.A. candidate in sculpture—performs as “Captain Dirty Bear” spreading “razzmatazz” around Occidental Park.

3 Boundary of Vacancy, by Shawn Patrick Landis, reveals the impression of a motorcycle.

4 In the bright sun, Anne Blackburn’s Shelf Fungus, really a book encased in wax, looks like a broken heart clinging to a stump.

5 Art is where you find it; the walk encourages exploration and rewards the curious viewer.

Photography by Rachel Shimp and Kelly Igoe