Style Profile: High on Style

Liberté Liberté has beauty – and tips – to spare.

With all her goddess-like charms – liquid curves, tumbling waves of hair and flawless countenance – Liberté might as well have walked out of a giant clamshell. And as if she weren’t Venusian enough on her own, there’s the fact that Lib is a nexus of beauty, improving the spirits and complexions of Seattle’s sun-deprived masses at her beauty and wellness studio. With her sexy heels, full skirts and vintage jewels, clearly Lib is one lofty style inspiration. Read on to see how she keeps herself looking so celestial through the long, dark winter.

Photograph by Andrew Waits for City Arts

Age: 37
Souvenir (for jewelry made by Curtis Steiner), Buffalo Exchange in Ballard, Nordstrom
Style icons: Sophia Loren, Frida Kahlo, Miss Piggy
What she’s wearing:
Ann Taylor dress, wool shrug (Anthropologie), Michael Kors shoes (Nordstrom), Curtis Steiner earrings and brooch (Souvenir), Owen Connell tattoos (Parlor-F)

Describe your personal style in three words. Feminine, eccentric and joyful.

What is your fail-safe clothing item? How could I choose one? I love my handmade ’50s-style dresses; they hug my abundant curves. My very favorite is this sweet cobalt-blue-and-white floral-patterned one accented with vintage pumpkin-pie-colored buttons. It is a go-to – always crisp, appropriate for any occasion and beautiful.

Do you have any style pet peeves? Poor manners: grace and poise make everyone look better. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if your demeanor is poopy. Also, I loathe when grown men dress like boys, with dingy jeans, shabby hoodies, clown-sized sneakers, socks with sandals and poor posture.

How does your particular creative discipline intersect with fashion? My days are filled with caring for ladies and gents, therefore I need to feel comfortable, confident and pretty. My skin must be dewy and clean.

Were any style values instilled in you during your childhood? I have darling memories of watching my mom’s reflection transform in the bathroom mirror as she “put her face on,” which for a Southern woman is mandatory if you plan on leaving the house. I enjoy the magic of makeup; however, true beauty begins with good health and loving oneself.

Do you have any special items in your wardrobe that you love dearly but will never wear? Some six-inch burgundy, glitter-stained and strappy Italian patent-leather pumps I wore at my first wedding. I never wear them, but when my girls were little they would dress up and toddle about in them. Oh, the memories and history in those shoes!

What’s the most daring item in your wardrobe? A custom-made black unicorn costume that includes a tie-on ten-inch horn and fuzzy ears. •