Style Profile: Fit for a Queen

Elfee Duquette never outgrew
her church gloves.

It’s only fitting that Stylelikeu fashion intern Elfee Duquette fondly refers to her clothing as “regalia” – you’d be hard pressed to find as regal a dresser in Seattle, much less in Elfee’s neighborhood, the undeniably crunchy Wallingford. With an eye for bulk thrift, and a yin-yang wardrobe that combines Hollywood glamour (think fur, dainty handbags and evening fabrics) with urban shabbiness, Elfee may not be bona fide royalty, but she certainly qualifies as nobility in the court of street style.

Elfee strikes her best Audrey pose outside the Guild 45th Theatre in Wallingford. Photograph by Andrew Waits for City Arts.

How long has fashion interested you? Since I was a little gal watching my mommy sew dresses for me and thinking how beautiful they always were. 

Do you have any style pet peeves? When people wear low-waisted jeans and their “muffin top” hangs over. 

What would you love to blow all your cash on? The Christian Lacroix fall 2009 finale dress.

What is the most daring item in your wardrobe? A late ’60s pink, purple, orange and cream bodysuit with huge bell-bottoms. 

What are your fail-safe pieces? Brown vintage woven flats that are all ratted up – holes everywhere – or my high-waisted Jordache jeans.

Which actor would you like to see play you? Audrey Hepburn. She is a charming, classic beauty whom I’ve always admired. 

What style values were instilled in you as a kid? Being elegant. My mother always made me wear these fancy dresses to church with matching gloves, hat and purse – and socks with a lacy trim.

What item did you want as a child that you could never get? Platform sneakers by Skechers; they were really popular when I was in sixth grade. By the time I was able to get them, I realized how ugly they were! 

Describe your personal style in three words. Classic. Regal. Charming.

On what occasions do you dress up? All occasions. The only time you’ll see me without my regalia is when I’m sick, and even then I’ll probably be in some fancy vintage nightie.