Style Profile: The Perfect (Mis)Match

Architect and musician Paul Pierce and his writer girlfriend Mary Fogh practice eclectic awareness when it comes to wardrobe choices – their style inspirations run the gamut from glamorous cities like San Francisco to the prized artwork of Paul’s grandchildren. Our style editor discovers how this cosmopolitan couple from Ballard balances elegant luxury with sparkling joie de vivre.

Our dynamic duo was photographed in the conservatory of Paul’s Ballard loft, home to many interesting artifacts, including a giant model airplane which didn’t fit in this frame.

Describe your personal style in three words.

Paul: Eclectic, traditional, anything goes.
Mary: Sophisticated, casual, comfortable.


What is your fail-safe clothing item?

P: Underwear.
M: A black leather jacket.


Which actor would you like to see play you in a film about your life?

P: Fred McMurray.
M: As a young woman, Angelina Jolie. As a mature adult, Annette Bening.


What style values were instilled in you as a kid?

P: Don’t wear orange with red.
M: To be proper and appropriate to the occasion, e.g., hats at Easter, pj’s at bedtime, don’t wear my ratty vintage mink coat to the club. To never wear black with blue (a rule I have discarded), and to never wear white to a wedding (still follow) or after Labor Day (who cares?). 



Age: 71
Gig: Architect and musician
Style heroes: In architecture, Marco Zancuso. For music, Pete Seeger.
Shops at: Blackbird, Mario’s and REI
What he’s wearing: Kangol hat (Edie’s), Ermenegildo Zegna jacket (Mario’s), Duetto shirt purchased in California, REI pants, Pikolino shoes (Market Street Shoes), MyKita spectacles (Colaizzo Opticians)


Age: 59
Gig: Long-term-care ombudsman
Creative outlet: Writing poetry 
Shops at: Blackbird, Horseshoe, Market Street Shoes, re-souL and the Goodwill in Ballard, Yadzi in Wallingford, Merge in Fremont
What she’s wearing: Parkhurst beret (Yadzi), ic! berlin spectacles (Colaizzo Opticians), gold earrings (Coleman Jewelers), estate-sale necklace, thrift-store shirt, vintage diamond ring (Souvenir), vegan cuffs (, Calleen Codero belt (Hip Zephyr), Diet Butcher Slim Skin pants (Blackbird), Frye Boots (Market Street Shoes)

In what ways do you break certain style rules?

P: Mismatched laces on my shoes and never wearing a tie to a formal event.
M: Dressing casual to go to a “nice” restaurant. Dressing up to go to a casual place.


Which style fad stands out as the most daring in your history?

P: Zoot suits.
M: Yikes, those miniskirts – never my best look.


What are the most daring items in your wardrobe?

P: An REI jacket that my grandchildren use as a sketch pad.
M: A plaid puffy down coat that I wear with a mink hat. A daring accessory is my purple glasses.


Which items do you value most in your wardrobe?

P: The REI sketched jacket, a cashmere jacket by Ermenegildo Zegna and a silk rooster shirt by Duetto.
M: A black filmy tunic dress from Blackbird, because it dresses up and down.


On which occasions do you dress up?

P: Every day including Sunday.
M: Whenever I please.