Around Town

Around Town: Dozens

On the evening of Monday, August 2, the Sorrento Hotel was transformed into a living museum. As part of the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival’s summerlong fortieth-anniversary celebration, the hotel invited twelve musicians and twelve authors who have graced the festival’s stages throughout its history to pair off and hold conversations in a dozen corners of the historic hotel for an event called 121212. The result was something of an impermanent natural-history museum of Bumbershoot, with each diorama displaying a unique, unscripted conversation between divergent and varied minds from Seattle’s creative community. With no direction on how to take it all in, the dozens of attendees absorbed as much as they wanted to from the collection of artists, who have appeared onstage at Bumbershoot for a combined total of forty-five times.

According to our records, this is the first time anyone has appeared in a bathtub in connection with the festival. Another watershed moment for John Roderick (in the tub), who converses with Spencer Moody in one of the hotel’s bathrooms as curious onlookers listen in.

Visqueen lead singer Rachel Flotard, a three-time Bumbershoot vet, trades war stories with performance poet Storme Webber in a sitting room overlooking downtown Seattle.

Author Matthew Stadler looks on as musician Sarah Rudinoff (not pictured) performs with her cellist friend.

A crowd sits in a bedroom with speakers wired to a microphone in the bathroom, where Moody and Roderick chat.

Emcee Tilson commands one of the hotel’s drawing rooms with witty wordplay while writer and performance artist Rachel Kessler surveys the scene from behind a grand piano.