Art Walk Awards: Slicin’ It Up with Darin

At last month’s Capitol Hill Blitz Art Walk Awards at Grey Gallery on Capitol Hill, City Arts visual arts writer Joey Veltkamp, along with guest judges Yoko Ott and Wynne Greenwood, the crowd and the evening’s sponsor, Blue Moon, awarded the monthly event’s five-hundred-dollar prize to Darin Shuler. Veltkamp quizzed the artist about his influences and what he will do with all
that moola.

Darin Shuler, Three is the Magic Number, ink on paper, 16 x 12 inches

Can you talk about your unique visual vocabulary? My drawings are black ink and watercolors inspired by Gary Panter, the dudes of Elvis Studio and Daniel Mitchell.  Almost everything I like or make is kind of messy and affecting. I use really simple cartoon characters like ducks and mice and go down a rabbit hole to a place that is probably more about emotion than story.

You’re so versatile: drawings, paintings, zines, rock posters and theatre props. What are you working on now? Album art for the bands Strong Killings and Butts, making some new T-shirts, and just drawing a lot.

How will you spend the money? If I am responsible, I will frame art; if not, I will slowly but surely spend it all on pizza slices. •