Around Town

Around Town: Casual Consensus

The Seattle International Film Festival rolled out the red carpet at Benaroya Hall on Thursday, May 20, for its opening gala, which featured the premiere of The Extra Man, starring Kevin Kline and Paul Dano. A few notables showed up, looking as though they had rolled right out of bed and into the spotlight. We liked the movie, but our online readers gave the casual crowd a big thumbs-down. See Feedback on page 5 for the full dressing down.

Kline was a no-show, but Dano (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine) made the trip and shared a few fashion tips with Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

Linas Philips, director of festival standout Bass Ackwards, took questions from SIFF TV as his fiancée tried to avert her eyes from his western shirt and corduroy combo.

ArtZone host Nancy Guppy (left) shared a laugh with SIFF programming manager Beth Barrett.

The Rat City Roller Girls made an appearance and could have walked away with an award for “Best Dressed.”

Photography by Rachel Vernon-Cole for City Arts.