A Chat with the Art Walk Awards Winner

At the First Thursday Art Walk Awards on May 6 at Pioneer Square’s Caffé Vita (see photos, p. 15), judges Sharon Arnold, Cable Griffith and City Arts visual arts writer Joey Veltkamp (plus the crowd, which cast final votes) gave the five-hundred-dollar prize to Anna Wetzel for her show at Some Space Gallery. Veltkamp quizzed Wetzel in the winner’s circle.

Land Memory #3, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

How would you describe your work? Mainly figural work on paper, drawings that explore little mythologies between people, animals and places. For this series, the perspective has shifted a bit to imagining the homeland memories a potted cactus might conjure while sitting in an urban apartment. Reminiscent of old postcards, stories and cinematic dreams, the compositions on paper are anchored by draped canvas landscapes that invite contemplation of your own constructed longings.

What’s next? Continued experimentation with draped-canvas forms, and a search for new work space.

Have you spent the money yet? Hopefully to do something fun. A summer printmaking workshop is on the radar. •