City Arts’ Marie-Caroline Moir gathered more info from Amy Tisdale and Ty Ziskis than we could fit on our Style Section pages. Herewith, more from our interview with Amy, plus additional photos.

A romantic snapshot taken during the photo shoot.

Luna, Ty and Amy’s beloved pooch, was also present at the photo shoot. And dressed appropriately, of course.

City Arts: Amy, could you talk a bit about your philosophy of spontaneity when it comes to style?

Amy: I have no interest in planning out what I am going to wear prior to getting ready. I like the challenge of creating an outfit on the spot depending on how I feel at that moment. Whenever I think of something to wear ahead of time, I go to put it on and nine times out of ten I end up with that outfit on the floor of my closet and something totally different on me. Having a wardrobefull of lots of interesting vintage and modern pieces that I have searched out, as well as some well-fitting basics (and lots of shoes and accessories) makes it like playing dress-up all the time, which has always been delightful for me.

Of all the crazy hairstyles and clothing styles you’ve adopted over the years, which was your favorite?  Which felt the most like you? Do you think where you are now style-wise is a complete evolution, or do you anticipate that in the future you might look back at your current style and say “Ack!”?

I’ve had every color of hair, from a super-short platinum blond pixie cut to a blue-black bob, with burgundy, blond and brunette highlights, etc. I still like to have a playful, current but flattering haircut, but have loved sticking to my natural brunette color for the past five years or so. Right now my hair definitely feels the most like me, because it is natural and low maintenance, but I think pretty cute. My stylist, Jeff Carlson at Gary Manuel, gets me and my aesthetic to a T, so since I have been with him I feel great about my hair.  When I was younger I was extreme about the styles I tried, but now I feel much more in tune with myself and what is flattering for me. I still utilize the same elements in creating my style as I always have: vintage, modern designs, some never-tired basics, with inspiration from art, music, and those close to me; the difference is I have honed in on how all of these relate to me and who I am.

Up close on Amy and Ty in evening wear + fake mustaches

(a clever alternative to Masquerade masks made by Marie-Caroline Moir) | photo by Natasha Kroll

Amy’s style advice:

  1. Build an outfit around shoes, or one special piece that you want to wear.
  2. Appreciate innovation, especially as regards structure (Japanese designers like Comme des Garçons are great at this).
  3. Don appropriate menswear silhouettes and pieces (especially blazers, hats, Oxford shirts and Oxford flats).
  4. Layer!

Favorite designers:

  • Acne (for jeans)
  • Alexander Wang
  • LD Tuttle
  • Jeffrey Campbell (shoes)
  • Rachel Comey (shoes, esp.)

Favorite shop:

  • Serenity House in Sequim (thrift)


  • Natural fibers
  • Architectural/geometric pieces that are somehow still fluid
  • Luna, her dog
  • Ty Ziskis, her bf
  • Music
  • Menswear
  • Refinery29
  • Coastal Salish culture and Native American culture in general, especially as embodied in the beaded jewelry given her by her grandmother and great-grandmother, and footwear (Amy has a sweet collection of moccasins)

The inspiration board behind our photo shoot, straight out of Marie-Caroline’s sketchbook.

Pick up the February issue of City Arts Seattle or City Arts Eastside to read the in-print interview and see the final result of the photo shoot. Also, check out Marie-Caroline Moir’s “Style Scholar” page in the Seattle issue, in which she creates a look inspired by Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald.