Song, LA

Blissed-out R&B trio King opened for prince earlier this year. Multiple cover versions of this would-be hit are popping up on blogs. JJ
#expectbigthings #shootingstar #sunsetsoundtrack

For The win

Texas-based DJ tommyboy’s summertime jams are a moving soundtrack for the magical season that’s moving away. FC
#googleit #theonlytompettyienjoy

Film, Netflix instant

Sci-fi/post-apoc cultural relic of the early ‘80s with Sean Connery in Nancy Sinatra boots. Reminds me of my current experience in the NW. FC

Seven Stars Pepper Szechuan
Restaurant, I.D.

Order whatever you want, but make sure to get the dandan noodles and sweet and sour soup. FC
#seattlesbestnoodles #andsocheap

“Adventures in Success”
Self-help video, YouTube

1980s parody of celebrity self- help and empty positivity hosted by the fictional Will powers and featuring Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and other hipster brits. FC
#fakequeenelizabeth #londoncalling

Li’l Woody’s 
Burger joint, Capitol Hill

The best of the hill’s new hamburger havens (shout out to blue Moon and Sun Liquor). Also carries classic east coast soda Cheerwine in glass bottles. JZ
#therightbun #therightprice #mollymoonmilkshakes

Expat Sour
Cocktail, Still Liquor

A warm-weather cocktail, not too fruity or sweet. blends Jim beam rye, sherry, lemon juice and Cynar—a bitter liqueur made from artichokes—into a complex sipper. JJ
#itsmadefromwhat? #screwface

TV show, HBO

David Simon outdoes The Wire with a pastiche of character dramas unfolding in the middle of New Orleans after Katrina. LB
#lessplotmoretexture #netflixnow #youretwoseasonsbehind

Mamma Chia
Beverage, Calif
Made of fresh juices and gelatinous chia seeds—as in Chia pet—for unprecedented mouthfeel and nuclear-level Omega 3s. This is the new kombucha. JZ
#superweird #superfood #atmadisonmarket

Mic Phenom 
MC, Seattle

At Red Bull’s EmSee freestyle rap battle, Mic destroyed two-time world champ Illmaculate and was then robbed of victory by judges. MB
#hiphopatthecroc #shawnkempwasthere

Album, UK

Tiki-masked producer expertly blends broken beat, R&B, boogie and “good” dubstep into a humid, bass-heavy burner of a debut. Top 10 album of the year. JJ
#idliketobuyavowel #brokenbeatisnotdead

Rachel’s Ginger Beer
Beverage, Broadway Farmer’s Market

Available by the bottle or keg and makes a fine Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Don’t leave it out of the fridge overnight—it’s still fermenting. JJ
#liquidsunshine #locallymade #stickitinthefridge

Coconut M&Ms
Candy, NJ

Adios, chipotle! See ya, salty caramel! Coconut is the new flavor of the moment. JZ
#cheaperthantheo #butnotasgood

Sugar Pill
Shop, Capitol Hill

An apothecary with salts from around the world, flavored bitters, soaps, chocolates and tinctures to cure whatever ails you. LB

The Wolftrap Rosé
Wine, South Africa

This pink isn’t too sweet, has a touch of spice and a manly name. We’re the only U.S. city carrying it this summer, so stock up! JJ
#realmendrinkpink #howlingatthemoon

Night Swimming Youth-Recapturing 
Activity, Madison Beach

The most annoying public servants in Seattle aren’t metermaids, they’re lifeguards. By midnight the beach is deserted and there’s no wait for the high dive. JZ
#notthatcold #starrysky

Taco Doritos
Snack, Magical Dorito Factory

Throwback flavor true to memory. New, retro bag matches the new, retro Olympia beer can. JZ
#tasteslikechildhood #allorangeeverything

Rhyme and Punishment
Documentary, LA

Horrifying/hilarious hip-hop doc about prison industrial complex. This is why project pat hangs out with Academy Award winners. FC
#powdermakesyouhyper #three6mafiawonanoscar

White Rainbow
Musician, Portland

One-man-band’s electro-rock excursions are hilarious, experimental and funky. His latest, From Now On Let’s, is free at JZ
#lovethattitle #pizzabasedlasermusic #PDXtacy


By Leah Baltus, Mark Baumgarten, Franki Crescioni (CheezeBurger Network), Jason Justice (Suntzu Sound), Jonathan Zwickel.