Style Profile: Carrie Imler, principal dancer, Pacific Northwest Ballet

A professional ballerina invites City Arts backstage at McCaw Hall and outlines her daily uniform, which isn’t as dainty as you’d think.

Photo by Gabriel Choy

How would you describe your personal style in three words? Simple, trendy and comfortable.

What are your favorite local places to shop? Macy’s and Nordstrom are always high on my list, and I also enjoy Ann Taylor, BCBG and Banana Republic in downtown Seattle.

What was your most recent fashion purchase? These black suede boots.

What do you value the most in your current wardrobe? My BCBG black knit dress that I received from my mom for my birthday in October.

What do you most enjoy shopping for? I’m not sure why, but I enjoy buying sneakers.

What golden rules about style did your parents pass on to you? My mom always had simple jewelry to go with every outfit. I love accessorizing with the jewelry my husband has given me.

What is your daily uniform? Well, my daily uniform consists of a leotard and tights, seeing as I’m in the dance studio all day. But on my way to and from work, you can find me in jeans and a top or MPG workout gear because I’m always at the gym.

On what occasions do you deviate from your uniform? Unfortunately, I don’t have many occasions to deviate! But when I do it’s to see friends perform at McCaw Hall or when my husband takes me to a special dinner.

Do you have anything special planned for the holidays? Performing in The Nutcracker [runs November 27 – December 30] and attending a few holiday parties around town.

What’s one thing on your holiday wish list? Consider this your opportunity to hint to family and friends. Shoes and purses are always welcome.

Being a dancer, do you shy away from certain shoes, like high heels, for fear of damaging your feet? No, I’ve been in pointe shoes since I was eight years old. My feet can’t possibly get more damaged than they already are.


What she’s wearing: Calvin Klein jeans, H&M top, Marc Fisher suede boots, Fossil watch and necklace from Something Silver.