Questions for a different kind of collector

Questions for Andy “Durandy” Golub. Collector and archivies of more Duran Duran paper ephemera than anyone on Earth. Seriously.

Why are you devoting so much of yourself to Duran Duran and not, say, to finding a cure for the swine flu? Who’s to say those things are not related? For ages, medical journals have discussed how Duran Duran’s music can boost the immune system and enhance the body’s ability to ward off disease. I can’t quite recall which medical journals published these findings. 

Some people may call you weird. Your retort? To the establishment, Duran Duran defined über-weird. I’ll take weird over normal any day.

Best Duran Duran song? Choosing a best Duran song is like parents choosing their favorite child. But “The Reflex” remains my forever fave song.

Best Duran Duran band member? Oy! Duran Duran is like a box of chocolates — each one has a different, unique flavor.

What would be, in your wildest fantasies, your Duran Duran heaven? I’d love to take the archive on the road. Building my collection has been terrific, but it’s the sharing that really brings it all to life.

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