The Curator’s Eye: Lead Pencil Studio

Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, Lead Pencil Studio

Roman Overlap, 2008, video still from work undertaken during the Rome Prize

First, I am not a curator. I am a snake oil salesman, but the tinctures I peddle really do everything I say they do. Really. Trust me. I’m a curator.

Second, my eye is the least of my concerns. What resonates with me is the rarely struck harmony between the head, the hand and the heart. I must therefore acknowledge that the first call I made when conceiving the gallery was to Lead Pencil Studio.

Annie and Daniel’s work is the example nonpareil of everything the gallery hopes to promote. Operating in that gray area where art and architecture meet, their concepts derived from personal imperative as well as an informed knowledge and respect for historical and contemporary peers (their “head”); their impeccable, eccentric craftsmanship (their “hand”); and their earnestness of endeavor and desire to push their careers beyond the northwest (their “heart”); L.P.S. set the standards for the gallery. Their “art” therefore, not only gave me a distinct space, but perhaps more importantly, concretized a unique place where forward-thinking artists, collectors, curators and viewers are encouraged, challenged, sustained and above all, embraced.

I *hug* Lead Pencil Studio.
— Scott Lawrimore

Our creative inquiry seeks new means to expand the nature of spatial comprehension. We wish to examine space as a solitary subject of inquiry, with all the attendant complexities that accompany objects approaching the building scale. This work is everything about architecture with none of its function. — Lead Pencil Studio