City Seen: Cultus Bay Tile, Couch Fest Films, National Banned Books Week

Cultus Bay Tile
Meredith Macleod, Cultus Bay Tile

Tile Style

Artisan Tile Northwest, a group of artists who handcraft tiles in a wide array of styles (hey, that rhymes!), is hosting its annual Handmade Tile Festival at Pioneer Hall in Madison Park, October 4.  The theme this year is “Old Northwest”; ATN members will be creating special tiles around this theme which will be available for sale. If you’re a tile maker yourself, you may participate in the Festival’s curated show. Or, inquire about monthly meetings and workshops. Information:

Photo by Kyle Johnson

Divan Diversion

Craig Downing loves his sofa, film festivals and bicycling. So he’s founded Couch Fest Films, debuting September 27. “It’s a new film festival that happens in strangers’ houses,” says Downing. Over two hundred short films will be screened in fifteen houses. Each program is about thirty minutes long, then it’s on to the next house. By bike? For schedule:

What’s the Naughtiest Book You Ever Read?
Celebrating National Banned Books Week, September 27 – October 4

Brian J. Carter, deputy director, Northwest African American Museum
The Color Purple by Alice Walker.
The portrayal of a black man as “betrayer” contradicted my experience with loving parents.

Michael Upchurch, book critic, Seattle Times.
Crash by J. G. Ballard.
It’s a near-flawless masterpiece. When it was submitted to the publisher, the first reader said the author was “beyond psychiatric help.”

Linda Bowers, executive director, Seattle Arts and Lectures.
Rabbit, Run by John Updike.
The book opened a door into what adulthood might mean when I was struggling with major life changes as a young married woman.

Rick Simonson, event coordinator, Elliott Bay Book Co.
National Geographic.
The sanctioned way of seeing bare bodies. I had a subscription at an early age.